Services & Facilities


I. Categories of Borrowers and Borrowing Privileges

  • Student Borrowing Privileges
 Item categoryLoan entitlement Loan periodFine for late renewal or return
 Open Collection 2 items 1 week     RM1.00 per day
 Red Spot 1 item 1 day RM1.00 per day
 AV Materials 1 item 2 hours in the Library only -

  • Full Time Faculty Borrowing Privileges
   Item category Loan entitlement    Loan periodFine for late renewal or return
  Open Collection 3 items 2 weeks RM1.00 per day
  Red Spot 1 item 1 day RM1.00 per day
  AV Materials 1 item 5 days RM1.00 per day
* Full time Faculty who wishes to borrow a book at the maximum of 2 months, may do so.

  • Administrative Staff Borrowing Privileges
     Item category   Loan entitlement  Loan period  Fine for late renewal or return  
  Open Collection2 items  2 weeks RM1.00 per day
  Red Spot 1 item 1 day RM1.00 per day
  AV Materials - - -

  • Part Time Faculty Borrowing Privileges
  Item category   Loan entitlement  Loan period     Fine for late renewal or return 
  Open Collection2 items1 week  RM1.00 per day
  Red Spot 1 item     1 day RM1.00 per day
  AV Materials - -

II. Borrowing Hours

  • Monday to Friday
  • 8.30 am to 5.20 pm

III. Borrowing Rules

1. Members are responsible for all Library materials issued out in their name.

2. Library users must report any damage/mutilation found in Library materials before borrowing, otherwise they are liable to pay for any damage when the items are returned.

3. Members must immediately report the loss of Library materials to the staff at the Counter.

4. All books must be returned on or before the due date. 

5. All Library materials must be returned at the end of each semester.

A. Library Fines and Replacement Charges

Overdue Loans
1. Fines for overdue loans are calculated from the day the book is due to the day the book is returned. The rate is RM1.00 per day, excluding Weekends and Public Holidays.

2. If the borrower failed to return the books 5 days after the due date the Library will; 
        a. Submit the name of students and their ID number to the Faculty or Centre for further action;
        b. Send an e-mail to the academic and non-academic staff to remind  them of their overdue  loans.

3. The maximum fine is RM15.00. When a student or staff reaches the maximum fine,
        a.     A Letter of Reminder will be sent to the guardian for students;
        b. An e-mail will be sent to the borrower and copied to the Dean, Director or Head of Division for staff

4. Fines should be paid in full immediately. Failure to clear library fines will result in immediate loss of borrowing privileges

5. Continued failure to clear Library fines will result in;
        a.     Denial of permission for students to sit for the examination
        b.     Suspension of borrowing privileges

Loss of Book
1. Borrower must report loss of book to the Circulation Counter.

2. Borrower who has lost the borrowed book must pay current + 25% of the book price.

3. Borrower is liable to pay overdue fines calculated from the due date to the date when book is reported lost. 

4. Fines should be paid in full immediately. Failure to clear Library charges will result in immediate loss of borrowing privileges.

5.    Continued failure to clear Library fines due to loss of book will result in;
       a.    Denial of permission for students to sit for the examination; and/or
       b.    Library account will be suspended


1.    The QIUP Library provides a multi-faceted information skill program for the university  members including students, academician, and administration staffs. The program is designed to bridge the gap or hole between users and the         library’s     materials, services, and facilities.The QIUP Library also conducted library orientation (guided tour included) to the library users. The main objectives of the program are to gives exposure on library resources, services
        and facilities.


1.    Interlibrary loan is a service to acquire from other libraries or institutions, local and abroad, any information resources such as books and articles not available in the QIUP Library.


1.    Printing and Copying Services
       The library offers printing and copying services for all students. Each service charges RM0.10 per page. Printing and copying will be done by the staff. Printing or photocopying should be intended for         
       personal use for learning, teaching and researching purposes only.

2.     Water Dispenser
        A water dispenser is placed in the Library for the convenience of Library users.  It is easy to operate and dispense both cold and hot water. Library users however, are not allowed to bring their drinks
        to the reading tables. 

3.    Reading Area
       The reading area has 72 seating capacity and wireless connectivity (WiFi). Library users are prohibited from making noise or any other activities which may interrupt other Library users. 

4.    Internet Access
       The Library users can use the computers at the Library terminal for internet surfing. 

5.    Wireless Connectivity
       The university provides wireless (WiFi) connectivity within the Main Building. This facility is provided free of charge to students.

6.    Discussion Room
       The Library users can use the discussion room at the Library for discussion purposes.

7.    Pigeonholes

  The Library users can use the pigeonholes to put their bags outside which is locate outside the library.